Member of the Miraphone Tuba Quartet

Like all of the other members of the Miraphone Tuba Quartet, Philippe Gallet is also a graduate of the National Music Academy in Paris. Born in 1971 in Annecy, France, he began tuba lessons at the age of 10 in Annecy. In 1989, one year before Partick Couttet, Philippe Gallet transferred to the regional conservatory in Lyon. There he won the first prize of the conservatory in 1990 and was accepted at the National Music Academy in Paris that same year. In addition to first prize for chamber music, like all members of the Quartet, he received first prize from the Music Academy for his mastery of the euphonium and tuba.

Philippe Gallet, like all of the other members of the Miraphone Tuba Quartet, plays in the Police Orchestra of Paris. Furthermore, he plays with the most important orchestras of Paris. He teaches tuba and euphonium at the Conservatories of Aubervilliers and Pantin (Paris area).

“Usually it is only the basses and low registers of the orchestra pits out of which the sound of the tuba with its powerful volume reaches the audience. But it is specifically when played alone that the tuba unveils a remarkable ability to convey emotions,” Philippe Gallet explains. “With the Miraphone Tuba Quartet we have repeatedly demonstrated that the bandwidth of these emotions not only incorporates classic heavy emotions, but that brass music can be moody, light and lively, and still be demanding.”