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75 years MIRAPHONE eG


1946 - 2021 - We're celebrating 75 years Miraphone. "The Man behind the Brass" was composed by Matthias Hoffmann (Miraphone instrument maker) and arranged by Sebastian Höglauer. We're grateful, happy and thankful to celebrate our 75 anniversary with musicians around the world.





Until the forties of the last century the center of brass instrument manufacturing was Graslitz in Northern Czechoslovakia. The instruments coming from this area soon became famous all over the world with export being of utmost importance. Around 90 % of the instruments manufactured in Graslitz were sold abroad, mainly to military bands. The instruments coming from this area soon became famous all over the world with export being of utmost importance.

Unsere Wurzeln: Instrumentenbau in Graslitz

Our roots: Instrument manufacturing in Graslitz

The end of World War II brought a sudden end to 150 successful years’ worth of instrument-making in Graslitz. The instrument makers were then scattered all over the world. The German territories were occupied by Czechoslovakia (under Czechoslovakian administration), and the German population was expelled. Many of the fugitives found a new home in Waldkraiburg in Bavaria, Germany. Among them were thirteen of the instrument makers, who teamed up and founded the “Manufacturing Cooperative of Graslitz Instrument Makers Ltd.” in Waldkraiburg in 1946. They had only a few tools in their possession and began with the repair of brass instruments.

The Brandname Miraphone

Eventually in 1947, the repairmen decided to combine their rich knowledge, and attention to detail and began to make their own instruments under the new brand name “Miraphone”. This was the beginning of a very successful venture, which continues well into the twenty-first century. In the following years, international demand for Miraphone’s high-quality brass instruments grew immensely.

Miraphone Belegschaft vor dem Bunker

Miraphone staff in front of the bunker where they produced the first instruments


The first brass instruments were built in a former ordnance factory. By 1960, Miraphone employed 90 workers and it soon became evident that more space was needed in order to have production, raw materials, and the development department with computer technology support all in one place. The close interaction and coordination of all of these elements is crucial to efficient planning of production activities. So, in 1983, Miraphone moved to the building that is now its current home.

Today Miraphone is one of the biggest instrument manufacturer worldwide. All important decisions are made from within the Cooperative which creates strong identification with the company and highest motivation towards success. In 2021, Miraphone is proud to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie



Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie 

Miraphone Produktion - Histrorie