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The key to the quality of a musical instrument are the people that make these instruments. Their experience and handcraft skills have an influence on each individual instrument that leaves our production facilities in Waldkraiburg. In order to be able to secure this quality for generations of musicians to come, Miraphone accepts a number of apprentices each year. This procedure makes sure that the knowledge and tradition, which once came from Graslitz to Waldkraiburg, can be passed on from generation to generation.

Whoever considers his own work "art”, is captured by it throughout

Not one of our instruments leaves Miraphone’s production facilities if we are not wholly convinced of its flawless quality. With this credo Miraphone has considerably contributed to the world of bands and orchestras since its foundation in 1946. And we are also willing to actively do our best for the future of wind music.

Both amateur and professional musicians have an intimate relationship with their instrument. It means more to them than just a daily tool. And this is true for the co-workers at Miraphone, too: almost every employee plays a brass instrument and shares in the enthusiasm for wind music. Furthermore, Miraphone intensifies its close cooperation with renowned artists worldwide to successfully continue the achieved results of research and design efforts. That way we are able to create musical instruments made by music lovers for music lovers.

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