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The selection of an instrument is often the beginning of a long-standing relationship that lasts many years if not decades. Frequent rehearsals, workshops and musical opportunities with like-minded musicians not to mention many concert experiences make a brass instrument more than just a daily usage article for professional and amateur musicians, but becomes a tool that accompanies them through many aspects of their professional, hobby or social life. For this reason, choosing which Miraphone model is “the” right one is a difficult personal decision.

In order to make the decision a little easier and more convenient, we have added options to smooth the instrument selection path. One can go the classical way which is through a music dealer who can offer a spectrum of Miraphone instruments to choose from right in the store. Miraphone offers one further options that may assist a musician in finding their dream instrument: visit the Miraphone Test Room to experience the complete palette of what Miraphone has to offer.

Miraphone Showroom Euphonium Miraphone Showroom Trompeten

Factory Visit

Through a factory tour, visitors can have a glimpse into the brass instrument manufacturing process where one will see first-hand the technical know-how and the hand work knowledge that goes into the designing and building of a Miraphone instrument. See how, for example, an instrument bell is formed from a flat brass plate, how valve slides are honed, or how the engraving is accomplished.

An appointment to visit the Miraphone test room in Waldkraiburg can be made by filling our online form or by calling our office: +49 8638 96820.

The brass instruments from Miraphone can be purchased only through a Miraphone music dealer.

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