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Care of Rotary Valves

Care of Rotary Valves

A rotary valve instrument that is in frequent use, does not usually need to be oiled. Should the instrument sit for a longer
period of time without being played, the valves should then be oiled to prevent them from freezing up.

In this case, rinse the instrument with lukewarm water and then simply put a few drops of

Miraphone Piston Valve OilMiraphone Piston Valve Oil

into and through the second valve in the valve section. Spread the oil into the valve by tipping the instrument and simultaneously operating the valve keys. Be sure not to wash slide grease into the valve section with the fast oil.

Valve bearings, however, should be oiled at regular intervals (as described as follows).

Lubricating Rotary Valves on the Bearing Pin

Lubricate Rotary Valves

Rotary Valves

Lubricate the valve bearings on the upper bearing pin (6a) under the stop arm and the lower bearing pin by removing
the screw cap (11a) on the bearing pin (10a).

Caution: Be careful not to use too much oil. Excessive oil could leak into the valve casing slowing the action and causing valves
to become sluggish. Oil the valves and bearings with  Miraphone Spindle Bearing and Lubricant OilMiraphohne Spindle Bearing Lubricant Oil

Valve Section Maintenance

Oil the trigger axle (15) and the ball bearing (16) of the Miraphone Minibal-linkage (4) with Miraphone Spindle Bearing and Lubricant OilMiraphohne Spindle Bearing Llubricant Oil.

Allowing the joints to become too dry will cause unnecessary wear-and-tear.

Maintenance of Valve Slides and Tuning Triggers

  • About every 3 months take out the valve slide and remove all grease and debris using the  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth
  • Rinse the slide with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.


  • Evenly distribute one  La Trompa Slide Grease La Trompa Slide Grease onto the valve slides.
  • Special tuning trigger oil should be used for the tuning triggers.
  • Replace all slides.

Miraphone Bag with Cleaning Accessories