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Care of Piston Valves

Care of Piston Valves

Oiling piston valves

The following procedures should be completed before and after playing the instrument:

  • Remove the upper screw cap (13) of the valve casing (14) and carefully pull the valve (12) out. Take care not to turn the valve (12) while removing.
  • Evenly distribute 2-3 drops of Miraphone Piston Valve Oil Miraphone Piston Valve Oil onto the valves.
  • Re-insert the valve and screw the valve cap (13) back on.
  • Be sure to line the valve (12) up straight before inserting it into the outer casing (14).
  • Work the valves up and down rapidly to evenly distribute the oil over the surface.
  • Oil the valves again after playing. This protects the valve from oxydation and prolongs the life of the instrument.

Care of Piston Valves

Monthly cleaning of piston valves and valve casings (14)

  • Remove debris on the valves with the non-abrasive Miraphone Cleaning Cloth D onto the valves.

  • Carefully wrap the Cleaning Rod C with the Miraphone Cleaning Cloth (D).

  • Remove any dirt from inside the inner valve casing (14).

Miraphone Cleaning Cloth with Cleaning Rod

Maintenance of Valve Slides

• About every 3 months take out the valve slide and remove all grease and debris using the Miraphone Cleaning Cloth.

• Rinse the slide with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.

• Evenly distribute one La Trompa Slide Grease La Trompa Slide Grease onto the valve slides.

• Special tuning trigger oil should be used for the tuning triggers.

• Replace all slides.

Miraphone Cleaning Bags for Perinet Instruments