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Care of ATV-Valves


Only these Miraphone brass instruments are equipped with the ATV-Valve-System.

  • Baritone Model 54L
  • Fluegelhorn Model 24R and Model 25
  • Trumpet Model 9R and Model 11

The following care and maintenance instructions are valid only for instruments with ATV-Valves:

A rotary valve instrument that is in frequent use, does not usually need to be oiled. Should the instrument sit for a longer
period of time without being played, the valves should then be oiled to prevent them from freezing up.

In this case, rinse the instrument with lukewarm water and then simply put a few drops of Miraphone Piston Valve Oil Miraphone Piston Valve Oil   into and through the second valve in the valve section. Spread the oil into the valve by tipping the instrument and simultaneously operating the valve keys. Be sure not to wash slide grease into the valve section with the fast oil. Valve bearings, however, should be oiled at regular intervals (as described as follows).

Lubricating ATV-Valves on the bearing pin

Lubricate the ATV-Valves on the bores on the top and the botton of the valve (see number 6) as follows:

Lubricate the valve bearings by applying oil first to the upper bearing pin (6) and then to the lower bearing pin by removing the bottom screw cap (11) on the lower bearing and applying the oil through the small pin hole on the bearing pin.

Miraphone Spindle Bearing and Lubricant Oil Miraphohne Spindle Bearing Lubricant Oil


Removal and replacement of the ATV-Valves

ATV Valves  ATV Valves

In order to remove the inner valve casing (7) from the outer valve casing (9), first remove the Minibal screw (2) from the stop arm (3) using the  Miraphone Torx Screw Driver.

Hold tightly onto the Minibal linkage when turning the screw since the valve is under tension due to the trigger spring.

  • Remove the lower screw cap (11).
  • Hold the valve (5) from above and push it out through the top.
  • Rinse the valve (5) with lukewarm water and clean the valve casing (9) with the  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth
  • Apply a thin film of grease (Selmer Tuning Slide) on the valve casing (9).

Selmer Tuning Slide and Cork Grease

It is best to rub the thin layer of grease on with your fingers. Take care that the grease does not get into the valve during removal and replacement.

  • Simple and precise re-fitting of the valve casing is ensured by the adjusting pin (8).
  • Now screw the lower valve cap (11) onto the outer valve casing (9) and insert the Minibal screw (2) through the Minibal-linkage (4) back into the stop arm (3).

Valves and casings (9) are important components of the instrument; take care that you go slow in order to prevent damage to them.

Valve Section Maintenance

Oil the trigger axle (15) and the ball bearing (16) of the Miraphone Minibal-linkage (4) with Miraphone Spindle Bearing and Lubricant Oil Miraphohne Spindle Bearing Llubricant Oil.

Allowing the joints to become too dry will cause unnecessary wear-and-tear.

Maintenance of Valve Slides and Tuning Triggers

  • About every 3 months take out the valve slide and remove all grease and debris using the  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth Miraphone Cleaning Cloth.
  • Rinse the slide with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.
  • Evenly distribute one La Trompa Slide Grease La Tromba Slide Grease  onto the valve slides.
  • Special tuning trigger oil should be used for the tuning triggers.
  • Replace all slides.