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Care and Maintenance


The following care and maintenance steps are valid for all Miraphone brass instruments:

Be sure to never carry the instrument by the thumb ring.

Since new instruments do not contain any moisture into the tubing, it's advisable to first rinse the tubing out with clear lukewarm water.

Allow the instrument time to dry out after playing or cleaning to prevent the onset of corrosion. Remove any excess
condensation after playing.

Interior Cleaning

Regularly rinse instrument with lukewarm water by running clear water directly through the valves.
After rinsing, begin maintenance procedures on all moving parts. This depends on the valve-system of your instrument:

Make sure that all neoprene and cork bumpers (in the horseshoe stoppers) and spit valves are intact.

Lacquer Care

Remove debris on the surface of the lacquer using the non-abrasive Miraphone Cleaning Cloth and the La Tromba Lacquer Care. For silver
or gold plated instruments, us a silver or gold polish (available at specialty retailers and hardware stores).

Do not use conventional polishes for cleaning the surface of your instrument. These could cause damage to the lacquer. Take care
not to scratch the lacquered surface with objects such as rings, watches or belt buckles.



Mouthpiece Cleaning

Rinse the mouthpiece out with lukewarm water and clean interior using the mouthpiece brush.

Replacement Parts

Over time and under frequent useage, certain parts of your brass instrument may succomb to normal wear-and-tear.
Should individual parts become a necessity, you should use quality replacements from Miraphone.

Your official music dealer will usually have the most common replacement parts for your brass instrument in stock. Specialty
parts can be ordered by the dealer direct through Miraphone and can be usually sent out on short notice. The advantage of
using official Miraphone replacement parts is that they fit ”like a glove“ thereby shortening repair waits by avoiding
complications and adjustments.

Gigbags and Hard Cases

Miraphone's no-compromise approach to quality is also evident in our extensive line of gig bags and hard cases. Miraphone’s
bags and cases are specially designed to optimally protect and safeguard their valuable contents.

Our gigbags and hard cases ensure safe and practical transport as well as the well-protected storage of your Miraphone brass

Care and Maintenance for Download

Care and Maintenance

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Regular care and maintenance given particularly to the moveable components of the instrument which are the valves, triggers and slides.