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CC tuba

  • model 1292 New Yorker
  • 361292515000
  • 5/4 size compact
  • silver plated
  • 5 valves
  • piston valves (front-action)
  • yellow brass

The Miraphone Tuba New Yorker CC-1292 piston instrument is similar in design to the 1291, with the addition of a nickel silver bell garland and a smaller sized leadpipe to increase the dynamic potential of the instrument.
Along with the larger European mouthpiece receiver this tuba offers the performer even more control over the instrument.

Detailed Information
Product Name CC tuba
Model-number model 1292 New Yorker
Tuning C
Intonation 440 Hz
Number of valves 5 valves
Size 5/4 size compact
Material in body yellow brass
Finish silver plated
Bell diameter 470 mm (18,504 inch)
Material valve section nickel silver trimmings
Style valve section 5th valve = rotary valve
Type of valve vented valves for pressure compensation
Valve system piston valves (front-action)
Bore of valve section conical 19,6 - 21,2 mm (0,772 - 0,835 inch)
Lyre holder without lyre holder
Leadpipe material Nickel silver
Strap ring without strap ring
Type of mouthpipe medium large
Mouthpiece TU26
Height instrument mm/inch 925 mm / 36,417 inch
Total weight instrument 10,70 kg / 23,59 lb
EAN 4046878099353