Tuba player in the Music Corps of the German Armed Forces in Siegburg

Manfred Neußer, born in 1967 in Stadtlohn in West Münsterland, is tuba player in the Music Corps of the German Armed Forces in Siegburg. The music corps, which emerged from the former Staff Music Corps, represents the armed forces at home and abroad as concert orchestra and is used in the protocol honorary service

Manfred Neußer studied music with Professor Hans Gelhar at the renowned Robert Schumann University in Düsseldorf from 1988 to 1992. Manfred Neußer demonstrates his musical skills as a tubist in solo performances as well as in ensembles and orchestras of various styles. In addition, he is booked for CD productions and regularly appears in television and radio broadcasts.

Manfred Neußer, who enjoys an excellent reputation as a specialist in wind music - and especially in the field of low brass - is a highly demanded music educator. In addition to his outstanding professional competence, his ability to recognize the individual strengths of the participants of his seminars and workshops and to promote them in a targeted manner is particularly appreciated. A talent that is also a benefit in his work as a conductor.