Elisabeth Fessler

Elisabeth Fessler studied trumpet as main subject as well as baroque trumpet, Jazz and High School teaching as subsidiary subjects with Prof. Wolfgang Guggenberger at the University of Music in Trossingen/Germany.
She graduated with honors and received the University degree Diploma, which is the German equivalent to a Masters degree.

In the Concert Seasons 2012/2013 she was employed as trumpeter by the Stuttgart Philharmonic Orchestra and in the concert season 2013/2014 she could further develop her orchestra playing as an employed trumpeter with the Orchestra of the Wuerttembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen.
Since spring 2018 she is also teaching trumpet at the University of Music in Trossingen/Germany.

HARMONIC BRASS Member since 2014.

Harmonic Brass are: Karl-Wilhelm Hultsch, Hans Zellner, Elisabeth Fessler, Alexander Steixner, and Andreas Binder