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Mundstück TU18 "American Design"

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Miraphone introduces a new tuba mouthpiece, the TU18. The TU18 is a medium size Helleberg style mouthpiece suitable for young players with its 32 mm inner cup diameter and medium deep funnel shaped cup. It offers the security that young players need for control, development of upper and lower register, as well as an enormous, resonant sound. The TU18 will also work very well for more advanced players who desire the comfort and stability of a more narrow inner rim diameter with great comfort and flexibility.
Zusätzliche Informationen
Artikelnummer 00351M17TU18
Artikelmodell TU18
Kesselform Kesselform tief
Kessel innen-Ø Kessel-Ø 32,0 mm
Kessel außen-Ø 48,0 mm (1.890 inch)
Kesseltiefe Kesseltiefe 45,2 mm
Mundstück Bohrung Bohrung 8,3 mm
Oberfläche versilbert
Für Instrument Tuba
Schaftgröße 13.3 mm (0.524 inch)
Nettogewicht (kg) 0,211
Höhe in cm 9,8