LaBrassBanda Tuba Player

Stefan Huber was born in 1987 in Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria and started his musical career at the age of 6 playing the diatonic harmonica (called a “Ziach”). Stefan started tuba lessons at the age of 14 with Rudolph Egner at the Musikum in Salzburg.

After his internship, he majored in tuba with Professor Wilfried Bandstötter at the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz, Austria and also studied Instrumental and Voice Pedagogy. While completing his studies, Stefan Huber played in many orchestras including the Landestheater Niederbayern and the Bad Reichenhall Philharmonie, the Munich Opera Orchestra, and in the Johann Strauss Orchestra in Linz. Since 2014,

Stefan has become well-known as the tuba player in the very successful LaBrassBanda Ensemble. LaBrassBanda filled the Olympia Hall in Munich for one of their concerts and placed second in the Eurovision Song Contest. The group has held top-of-the-charts ratings in Germany for their various CD’s. Stefan Huber is also member of the Holzfrei Böhmischen (“No Woodwinds Bohemians”) and the brass ensemble called Lentia Brass.