Member of the Miraphone Tuba Quartet

Olivier Galmant was born in 1967 in Abbeville, France and began playing the tuba at the age of 10. He studied in Amiens in the ensuing years until he decided in 1988 to go to Paris. His talent was honored there with the first prize of the regional conservatory which he initially attended; this was followed by acceptance to the National Music Academy of Paris where he honed his talent until 1994. Olivier Galmant, like all of the other member of the Quartet, won first prize at the Music Academy for tuba and also first prize for chamber music.

Olivier Galmant, together with his three colleagues, is a member of the Paris Police Orchestra and frequently plays for the Orchestre National de Bretagne. He teaches tuba and euphonium at the Conservatoire du 9ème arrondissement de Paris and at the Conservatoire Militaire de Versailles.

“Anyone who looks at a tuba usually associates it with ponderous, antiquated music. Yet as weighty as our instruments look, they can sound surprisingly light and bold. Particularly in swing and jazz, the deep voices of brass with its rich tones, encourage experimentation,” Olivier Galmant, himself an enthusiastic jazz musician, explains. “That’s why we have never hesitated to combine classical music and jazz in our programs – sound, dynamics, and passion is the only combination that counts!”

Website: http://www.miraphone-tubaquartett.com