The 7 professional musicians of the "Innsbrucker Böhmische " come from the classical music and have completed a music degree.

Despite the many different musical activities, their hearts beat for the brass music and the "Innsbrucker Böhmische".

It already began in 1992, initially in a trio or quartet line-up with Fredi Gradwohl as "Die Innsbrucker" with exclusively own compositions, inspired by the “Oberkrainer” style. In this formation they recorded 3 CD`s. This constellation existed only in the studio.

In the course of time, the wish arose to perform LIVE with a "Bohemian" line-up, kept as small as possible, with many original compositions. That's how the 7-man group with today's musicians was formed.

6 x brass – 1 x percussion: "Die Innsbrucker Böhmische".