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Trombón de varas tenor

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The Bb tenor slide trombone M6500 “Gran Symphonic“ produces a dark, mellow sound, and the natural tones sit very nicely. Throughout the entire dynamic spectrum as well as in all registers, this instrument is easily and comfortably controlled. Equipped with a specially designed quart valve, the “Gran Symphonic” offers a remarkable sound projection. The response behavior gives the brass player the security to successfully master even the most difficult passages – whether it be in wind band or in symphony orchestra. The three exchangeable leadpipes, as well as the optionally available yellow brass slide, confront the player with the attractive possibility to realize an optimally individual sound concept.
Información adicional
Número de artículo55M650016300
Modelomodelo M6500 Gran Symphonic
TonoSi bemol
Entonación443 Hz
ModeloM6500 "Gran Symphonic"
Válvula1 válvula
Diseñoancho, con transpositor abierto y rotor Miraphone
CuerpoLatón dorado
diámetro de campana220 mm
Tipo de tudelcuerpo de bronce / válvulas de bronce y níquel
Rodamentorodamiento Miraphone Minibal
Diseño de transpositor simple de Fatranspositor simple grande de Fa
Calibre del interior de la vara14,0 mm (0,551 inch)
porta-atrilsin porta-atril
Material de la vara exteriorMaterial de la vara exterior en latón amarillo
Tipo de boquillatudel intercambiable
instrument total height1265 mm
total weight1.85 kg