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Care of Trombone Slide


Carefully extract the slide and wipe it down with the  Miraphone Cleaning Cloth Miraphone cleaning cloth. It is recommended to use lukewarm water and the
Slide-o-Mix Slide-O-Mix Cleaning Kit for routine cleaning of the slide.
Dry the inner (18) and outer slide (17) well after wet cleaning and reassemble before proceeding.


• Put one large drop from the small bottle onto the stockings (19) of the inner slide (18). Pull the outer slide (17) up and
   down a few times to distribute liquid evenly.
• Apply some liquid from the large bottle onto the inner slide making it run down along the length (for about 10 cm).
   Again, distribute the liquid by operating the slide.
• Use a spray bottle to spray water onto the inner slide (18). Re-spray as often as needed. Miraphone recommends the
   Slide-O-Mix spray bottle to complete this kit. Do not dry after spraying.

Due to usage and aspects of design, each slide may need slightly different care. Over time, you will discover how much of which
lubricant works best for your instrument.

It is not necessary to remove the old Slide-O-Mix film before re-lubricating as long as the slide is not dragged by dust or dirt.

Miraphone Cleaning Bags for Trombone Slides

Our trombones comes with these 2 Cleaning Sets:

Miraphone Cleaning Bag for Trombone with Valves

Miraphone Cleaing Bag for Trombone without Valves