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Bb trumpet, rotary valves

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The 9R trumpet, with its convincing features, puts the musician in the position to achieve his or her ideal sound both as a soloist and in the orchestral setting. The 9R trumpet has even response in all registers due to the construction of the bell being of one piece of metal. The special taper development ensures excellent intonation. The longer water key on the main tuning slide allows quick and comfortable emptying. The uniformly rotating valves make it possible to have a perfect legato with all finger combinations.
Additional Information
Article number029R0000702A
Model numbermodel 9R
Intonation443 Hz
Number of valves3 valves
Material in bodyyellow brass
Finishsilver plated
bell diameter130 mm (5,118 inch)
Material valve sectionnickel silver trimmings
Style valve slide1st bow sideways
Lever systemspiral spring system
RodMiraphone minibal rod
Style valve sectionexchangeable valves
Valve systemrotary valves
Bore of valve section10,95 (0,431 inch)
Bore of tuning slide10,95 mm (0,431 inch)
Lyre holderwith lyre holder
Water keywater key on tuning slide
instrument total height470 mm
total weight1.05 kg