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Bb euphonium

  • model 1255L
  • 341255L13000
  • lacquered
  • 4 (3R/1L)
  • Piston valves
  • yellow brass

The Miraphone euphonium 1255L is a very easy playing instrument with good intonation, sound and response. First choice instrument for players who prefer a non-compensating instrument.

Detailed Information
Product Name Bb euphonium
SKU 341255L13000
Model-number model 1255L
Tuning B♭
Intonation 443 Hz
Number of valves 4 (3R/1L)
Material in body yellow brass
Finish lacquered
Bell diameter 290 mm (11,417 inch)
Material valve section nickel silver trimmings
Valve system Piston valves
Bore of valve section conical 15,5 - 16,2 mm (0,61 - 0,638 inch)
Lyre holder with lyre holder
Water key water key on 1st and 3rd valve slide
Total weight instrument 4,30 kg / 9,48 lb
total weight in kg and lb 4,30 kg /9,48 lb
EAN 4046878093191